This is not a film about Africa but a film about the idea of Africa. A black old man walking through the suburbs of a European metropolis. A grand piano, a Christian church, an ancient chant from the slave times. Far from Africa, we found ourselves transported back to a pre-colonial Arcadia. However, we are not in Africa nor in Europe. In a time out of present and past, the film explores the idea of a distant Africa born out of the ruins of Europe.

No Africa In You features the music and performance of Bobby Few. After moving from New York to Paris in the late 60's, pianist Bobby Few became part of legendary free jazz recordings by Albert Ayler, Frank Wright, Archie Shepp or Hans Dulfer. Despite his extensive collaboration with Steve Lacy till the 90's, his name started to fade in the memories of jazz and improvisation lovers. However, Few has kept himself active as a musician for more than 40 years and is still living in Paris.

17 Min
HD Video
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